Taking charge

The DAQ software lets you manage your hazardous material according to your working environment. For all types of customers’ institutional or private sector: inventory, factory, housing complex...

The software lets you enter the physical results of the diagnostic tests to the presence of material susceptible of containing asbestos (MSCA) in your equipment and buildings. At all times, from all platforms, you can update your inventory so that it is always your reality in real-time.

Once you’ve entered all your data, you can make searches according to your specific need: room, floors, zones, equipment, you name it. After you have identified your location, you can create zones. These zones can be for the storage of materials, areas that have a similar structure or any areas or zone that must be identified to protect your workers from the risk of exposition in their regular work environment.

To facilitate the process of identifying the floor, wing or equipment, the costumer can integrate their own plan in PDF format, pictures or technical drawings to simplify their use of the DAQ software. Afterwards the management of the inventory is made much simpler by integrating the dates the samples were taken and by whom.

The software gives you enormous possibilities according to your needs. A calendar to inspect your equipment or buildings, a color coded system to identify the structural integrity of the building materials.

The software can help you create a calendar of MSCA removal in your buildings with internal or external clients. This makes the management of the removal much easier to supervise.

For example: You need to open a wall or a ceiling to get work done. Your workers or a contractor want to know if there is asbestos. The authorized personnel can get the information themselves just by entering the room or equipment number on the software.

The DAQ Software gives you EASY access to the COMPLETE report on MSCA in your buildings.

All information can be accessed via your regular media platforms that connect to the Internet...