A Solution within your reach, the DAQ Kit

The DAQ software lets you manage your hazardous material according to your reality. This gives you the complete inventory on your buildings and the presence of material susceptible of containing asbestos (MSCA). This allows you to meet the required standards for employers concerning the management of asbestos in your buildings. The DAQ Kit will support you in many ways :

  • Managing MSCA in your buildings;
  • Easy query from all platforms, in real time, concerning the inventory of your rooms and equipment with MSCA;
  • The software can help you create a calendar of MSCA removal in your buildings with internal or external clients;
  • Train your employees on their respective obligations regarding working in environments with MSCA.

Once the characterization and the analysis carried out as well as the written report, several possibilities are available to you:

- Enter the data directly by the company that made the report;

- Enter the data by a manager of your company;

- Enter the data by DAQ.

You remain free to choose the company that makes the characterization ...